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Pricing Guidelines

It is important to note, that pricing is very subjective to the timing of each wedding and the floral content that is selected. Seasons and species specifications play a large role in pricing fluctuations. This section is meant to provide a general framework in which to think about your floral budget. This will not serve as final quote pricing. Pricing is also not limited to the amounts provided here. 

Bridal Bouquets

Bridal Bouquets come in many shapes and styles. Sweet and simplistic, elegant and rounded, bohemian and wild, cascading and dramatic, just to name a few. The style you choose will effect the pricing as well as the flower types you select. 

Average pricing is $139.95-$179.95

Toss Bouquets

Many Brides want to carry on the tradition of throwing a bouquet to the next lucky bachelorette, but are reluctant to toss away their special bouquet. To alleviate that quandary  we have the toss bouquet. It is a smaller version of the Bridal bouquet made exclusively to be passed on. (It also doubles as great table decoration wherever it's placed). 

Average Pricing is $59.95 

Bridesmaid Bouquets

There are many ways to think about Bridesmaid bouquets. They can be done as smaller versions of the Bridal bouquet, or they can have their own design that compliments their look. All of them could be built the same, or they could have a random feel. It all depends on the look and feel your after. Budget saving options such as 3-flower or Single flower bouquets can be done as well to alleviate budgetary stress. 

Average Pricing* is $59.95-$89.95

*pricing for full bouquets 


Typically worn on the lapel of the Groom and any males involved in the bridal party. A boutonniere is a small floral accent that is pinned onto the shirt or jacket of gentlemen (or ladies if you have a grooms-woman). These will typically mirror the floral elements and color scheme found in the bridal bouquet. *Note: If anyone is going to be in service uniform or religious robes  those individuals typically do not wear boutonnieres. 

Average Pricing is $12.95-$15.95


Often given to Mothers and Grandmothers, corsages serve as an honor or distinction as direct family to the couple. Traditional designs are worn as pin-on corsages, similar in function to a boutonniere but more elaborate in design. Others favor newer designs such as the wristlet; a floral composition attached to a band which is worn like a bracelet on the wrist. The wristlet design compliments well with thin strap or strapless dresses. 

Average Pricing is $22.95-26.95

Altar Arrangements

Flower arrangements can add a beautiful accent or distinguishing line to the ceremony space. Whether you're in a church at an altar, in a park or on the beach, a beautiful floral design sets the scene. Your venue may have regulations pertaining to types of containers or arrangements permitted, be sure to check with them so you have all the information.

Average Pricing is $75.00- $150.00

*Note: High end and large scale work not captured in this average

Archway/Arbor Pieces

 A common element in weddings, is the arch or arbor under which the couple stands as the ceremony commences. A beautiful frame around the happy couple. Often, floral embellishments are added to enhance these structures. This can be done at the corners, across the top, along the sides or in virtually any configuration with thematic floral design. Pieces are built with easy to secure mechanics and floral product echoing the theme and color scheme of the wedding.

Prices vary on scale as well as product selection. 

Average Pricing is $75.00-$500.00

Centerpieces & Tablescapes

If you're having a sit-down reception it is likely that you will want to create a centerpiece or embellishment of some sort for your guests to admire at their seats. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways depending on the look you're going for. Floral centerpieces can carry the table on some occasions, other times greenery embellishments or garland is the better look. Prices vary on quantity and scale as well as product selection. 

Average Pricing is $34.95-$74.95 ea

*Note: High end and large scale work not captured in this average

Cake Flowers

A delicate touch at the top or a design element incorporated throughout the whole cake, flowers can add a wonderful accent to those delicious works of art. Flowers are prepared and provided for the baker to work their magic. Sometimes it is on site, other times in the bakery, be sure to talk with your baker to plan all the details. 

Prices vary on cake size and floral design selected as well as product selection. 

Average Pricing is $25.95-$49.95

Budget Hacks

We have a saying here at Sunflower, that weddings have a way of developing. Unfortunately that usually means the budget too. While we can't campaign for everyone to choose the cheapest meal option for your catering, we can offer a few tips on how to keep your flower budget at a more comfortable level. 

  • Choosing floral elements that are in season and readily available. Flowers such as orchids and calla lilies are beautiful but pack a punch in budget department. 

  • Having Bridesmaids carry 3-flower compositions or single flowers. This gives them a lovely accent to carry, without paying for full bouquets. 

  • D-I-Y centerpieces. We are happy to sell you bulk flowers and do a mock up demonstration for centerpieces to help you sort out the look you're going for. Keep in mind the trade off here is time. Do it yourself can seem like a nice idea until it comes to the doing part. Be sure to examine and determine the most valuable use of your time, we're happy to help you either way.

  • Go for the mixed greens. Eucalyptus is the most popular wedding greenery right now, and why not, it's beautiful in coloring and shape. It is also one of the most expensive greens. Garlands of eucalyptus can often be $8-$20 a foot. We suggest a mixed greens combination that allows for cheaper greens to be the majority and the supporting base, while placing the pricier eucalyptus over the top. This achieves that full eucalyptus look without that full eucalyptus price.  


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