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Color Inspirations


The color spectrum is beautiful wheel that can turn in many different ways. Selecting a color palette can inform the type of flowers you select and vice versa if you have specific flower types you'd like to see. 



Click through our color menu below to see examples of our work in common color palettes. Listed with each category are common naturally occurring flowers in each color. Please note this is by no means an expansive list of types and many flowers come in a variety of colors. This list does not denote availability so please check with your designer when discussing specifics for your event.   

White Palette

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 It's traditional, it's classic, it's chic. White flowers evoke a lovely bridal feel that can be applied to any wedding colors or theme. A white flower palette allows for subtle tie ins of color accents and versatility in style. Glamour or rustic, white lends itself to execute any style ideas. 

Common flower types naturally occurring in the white palette are: 

- Roses    -Hydrangea   -Spray Roses   -Carnations   -Babies Breath 

Chrysanthemums   -Lilies   -Freesia   -Stock    -Lizianthus

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Pinks/Blush Palette

 A lovely display of delicateness. Pink palettes can cover the spectrum of hues, from just the lightest blush of color to runway stopping hot pink. A great compliment to a brighter more vibrant accent color, but also confident enough to carry to weight of the palette. Pink is a great choice for any venue indoor or out

Common flower types naturally occurring in the pink palette are: 

- Roses    -Gerbera   -Spray Roses   -Carnations   -Snap Dragons 

Chrysanthemums   -Lilies   -Wax Flower   -Stock    -Lizianthus

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Red/Orange Palette

 Go bold with a Red and/or Orange palette. Combine the two for a beautiful one two punch of color evocative year round and not just the fall. Let them stand alone and accent gorgeous gowns and décor to fill your event with color. Perfect for elegance or rustic chic, these colors will let definitely let your wedding be seen.


Common flower types naturally occurring in the Red/Orange palette are: 

- Roses   -Spray Roses   -Carnations   -Gerbera

Chrysanthemums   -Lilies   -Hypericum Berries   -Pin CushionProtea    

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Purple/Blue Palette

Gentle lavenders and light dusty blues are a great choice for a touch of color and accent in any indoor or outdoor event. Go bold with deep purples and/or vibrant blue hues for a rich royal coloring that will make any event pop.

Common flower types naturally occurring in the purple/blue palette are: 

- Roses    -Hydrangea   -Spray Roses   -Carnations   -Liatris

Chrysanthemums   -Lilies   -Freesia   -Stock    -Lizianthus -Delphinium

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Artificial flowers are a great option for those who dream of that specific flower that can't be beat. Traveling or partying on a full heat summer day? silk flowers are a great option for certainty in reliability.

Silk builds can be done with product acquired by the customer and/or built out of Sunflower's silk inventory. 

An important note to remember is that as with most things, silk/artificial flowers come in a variety of types and qualities and as such prices. While artificial may seem like a cost saving option, be sure to check prices on your products as some may be the same prices as fresh or more.